Hemp is a re-emerging crop replete with new potential for our country as a source of economic prosperity from farm to market. With over 50,000 marketable, eco-friendly and renewable products, education plays a vital role for farmers, processors and distributors.

That’s why we created America’s Hemp Academy.

We teach new and existing industry participants how to attain consistent profitability. Producing and handling a crop with strong market potential requires commitment, education, and planning.

At the center of America’s heartland, our campus provides a comfortable setting in which our students experience a fully comprehensive hemp education from seed to market. The course itself is only the beginning of learning and our students become a part of an integrated professional network.

The campus features a hands-on equipment education laboratory showing students how to process many hemp products. The academy also hosts a greenhouse and field station allowing our students to discover all aspects of the hemp crop.

Our education is personally attentive, situation-specific and decision-focused.

Know to Grow at America’s Hemp Academy.