Our founder, Joe Bisogno’s belief in Hemp’s unlimited potential, inspired him to open America’s Hemp in DeSoto, KS, about 20 miles southwest of Kansas City.

America’s Hemp ™ is committed to educating the world about growing, harvesting, processing and the miracle crop – Hemp.

The AH team is passionate about all things Hemp and is well versed in all areas of the industry – , nutrition, creation, innovation, exploration and more.

Industrial Hemp is the fastest growing crop in US agriculture at present.

We believe Hemp can make the world a better, greener, and healthier place.

What is Hemp?

There are three main types of hemp – fiber, grain and floral.

Fiber hemp is a re-emerging industry with a long history specifically in textiles and fabrics. Grain hemp has been grown in various places for centuries with uses in human, animal and automotive industries. Floral hemp has many healing properties making it great for medicinal purposes.