Our Story

America’s Hemp is a unique player in today’s Hemp market, motivated to come alongside farmers, consumers and officials in a journey to a better tomorrow.

Our Mission is to further knowledge and understanding of the miracle of Hemp to public officials and citizens across the globe through education initiatives and the manufacturing of hemp products and products and equipment needed to harvest Hemp.

America’s Hemp began as a think tank for how to maximize the production of Hemp across the world. Our core belief is that education is the key to progress. Many people are confused or misled about what Hemp is and what it can do to better the world we live in.

Though it used to be almost exclusively an excellent fiber crop, as agronomic and chemical understanding have increased, Hemp is emerging as clearly unique. No other crop can provide FIBER, FOOD and PHARMACY, all the while boosting farm income, providing abundant business opportunities, and rebuilding America’s soil.

America’s Hemp grows multiple products and develops processes using Hemp, as well as establishing processing areas for the scaling of hemp production and shipping.

For us, it’s this simple: Hemp for Health; health for people, health for the planet and health for the pocketbook!