New video technology will revolutionize farming quality control.

DeSoto, KS – KMC Brands announced today a new partnership with Lenexa KS-based Digital Ally, Inc.

The two companies have agreed to a five-year exploratory venture to develop a validation program that ensures that all of the industrial hemp grown and processed by America’s Hemp Academy is certified and traceable from start to finish.

Tracking the process from the farmer who plants the seed, to the processor that makes the oils and by-products to the retailer or distribution channel – the end consumers will know exactly where their hemp-based product was grown and have the ability to trace the production process, thereby legitimizing the hemp farming industry in the state of Kansas.

“We are pleased to bring our cutting-edge technology to Kansas farmers and their educators, and hopefully eventually to farmers all across America,” says Stanton Ross, Chairman and CEO of Digital Ally. “It’s rewarding to be able to embark on this project in partnership with KMC Brands, another Kansas City-based company with vision, passion and commitment to the growth of the Hemp industry.”

Whether it is a consumable, a textile or health and wellness product, the companies will produce a traceable video to validate its authenticity.

Working together, the companies are launching a technology that can validate and document the entire process in all aspects of farming. This is a watershed moment for US farmers and related industries, as the documentation process allows for a quality control guarantee like nothing currently available on the market.

Another benefit of this anticipated technology is that it may be the answer that Law Enforcement agencies are looking for as it relates to regulating Hemp farming and production. This program can ensure that the products being distributed and transported across the country are done so in appropriate and legal manners and that the crop is certified.

“The staff at KMC Brands and its subsidiary, America’s Hemp Academy, is proud to launch this initiative with the team at Digital Ally. Their success in the field of video technology is unparalleled, and to be able to help bring that to American farmers is beyond rewarding,” says Joe Bisogno, CEO of KMC Brands.

The beta launch has already begun and a full research launch is intended for March of 2020 after the beta results following this year’s hemp crops are reviewed.


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KMC is a unique player in today’s Hemp market, motivated to come alongside farmers, consumers and officials in a journey to a better tomorrow. The company’s mission is to further understanding and knowledge of the miracle of Hemp to public officials and citizens across the globe through education initiatives and manufacturing of Hemp products and equipment needed to harvest Hemp. KMC Brands grows multiple products and develops processes using Hemp across the world, with a firm belief that education is the key to progress.


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Digital Ally Inc. develops and manufactures technology that provides customers with the ultimate liability protection and evidence recording capabilities, coupled with convenience and ease of use. Headquartered in Lenexa, KS, the company is publicly traded on The NASDAQ Capital Market under symbol DGLY. Established in 2004, Digital Ally Inc. adopted a think tank approach to provide innovative products which include applications for industries including law enforcement, fire, EMS and commercial fleet management.


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