DeSoto, KS – KMC Brands announced today the successful end to the first harvesting season of their industrial hemp crop planted last spring after the 2018 Farm Bill was passed legalizing the farming of industrial hemp.

“The facts are in, and we now know that growing and harvesting hemp is an artform unto itself,” says company CEO, Joe Bisogno. “It’s a more difficult task than farming crops such as soybeans and corn. Many first-time farmers tried to grow it without the education needed and experienced staggering losses when done incorrectly.”

He continues, “That said, those who learn to grow it correctly are going to be very successful down the road. The purpose of America’s Hemp Academy is is to provide the education to pave a path to success for this new Kansas farming industry.”

Shelli Hornberger, Director of Operations for KMC Brands and America’s Hemp Academy, describes the results of the first harvest as exceeding their initial goals. “We were not only able to harvest more than we initially planned, but were also able to meet all of the deadlines set by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, and did so with a brand new operations team who had not previously worked together before.”

According to the requirements set by the Federal Department of Agriculture, industrial hemp plants cannot possess a THC level higher than 0.3%. The amount of care and attention required to maintain these low levels of THC during the growth stage is immense. America’s Hemp Academy, a subsidiary of KMC Brands, was developed to teach farmers the process of growing and harvesting industrial hemp to help ensure proper THC levels when the plants are ready to be harvested.

“Education is the biggest piece missing in this new industry. America’s Hemp Academy is here to provide an education that creates a successful foundation for family-owned farms and their future generations with this new source of income,” explains Hornberger.

The team at KMC Brands is currently processing the harvested plants by separating stems, stalks and buds which will be sold to distributors who will transform these different parts of the hemp plant into products such as CBD oil, hempcrete, fiber, hemp flour and more.


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KMC is a unique player in today’s Hemp market, motivated to come alongside farmers, consumers and officials in a journey to a better tomorrow. The company’s mission is to further understanding and knowledge of the miracle of Hemp to public officials and citizens across the globe through education initiatives and manufacturing of Hemp products and equipment needed to harvest Hemp. KMC Brands grows multiple products and develops processes using Hemp across the world, with a firm belief that education is the key to progress.

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